About us

Ernestinne is a small Slovenian company founded by Sindi and Ingrid. Sindi is the sketchbook-keeping creative force behind the company, while Ingrid makes sure all the paperwork is in order.

We’re all about bringing you joy and the freedom to shine wherever you go. We pay special attention to detail to give our products their distinctive look and we make sure your order is always packed and delivered with care.

We’re so excited that you’re joining us on our exciting journey. <3

The story behind our name and the inspiration that fuels our ideas

It was Sindi’s grandmother who truly lit her creative spark. Caring, beautiful, and elegant, grandma Ernesta taught her at a very young age how to design and sew gorgeous dresses and pair them with the right jewellery. They would spend hours every day in grandma’s tiny sewing room. But what really stayed with Sindi were the special jewellery pieces that her grandmother always wore. 

Although grandma Ernesta is not here anymore, her creative spirit lives on through Sindi’s art. As long as she is creating something, she was happy.

Sindi went on to study Textile and Fashion Design in Ljubljana, which opened her eyes and ignited her passion for discovering new materials and forms.

In 2020, her first jewellery concepts came to life. In 2021, Ernestinne was born.

How it’s made

Our jewellery is lovingly crafted in our home studio near Nova Gorica where all our ideas come to life.

With the help of an established Italian plating company, our products get a gold and sterling silver (s925) coating of the highest quality. All our gold pieces come coated in real 23k gold. Our special formula gives the gold a bright, fresh, and unique look.

In the final step, the pieces get finished with an eco-friendly nanoceramic e-coating, an advanced protection against tarnishing and corrosion that’s absolutely invisible to the human eye.

Each of our pieces has a story behind it. We hope you find one that speaks to you!